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We are  dedicated to the support of sailing and boating generally. We are passionate about marine and costal conservation. Our position in Dale Bay is ideal for learning to sail as well as other water-borne activities.


Dale Yacht Club was founded in 1958 and has remained an active Club for sailing and boating enthusiasts, supporting members and visitors to enjoy the waters of Dale Bay.  The Club has a strong history of holding a regular racing series each year and hosting events for Club members and visiting boats. 


Dale Yacht Club relies on the income from its strong membership of over 300 members to provide and maintain the facilities of the Club House, safety boats, racing marks and the dinghy and tender parking areas.  The Club subsidises the cost of the Junior Sailing tuition to actively support and encourage over 80 young sailors each year to experience the thrill of sailing and achieve RYA certification.  The Club is the Voluntary Control Body (VCB) for the moorings in the Voluntary Control Area (VCA) of Dale Bay, the largest on the Milford Haven waterway with over 180 licences moorings. The Club manages the slipway

Dale Yacht Club is proud to be an RYA Affiliated Club and part of the RYA community of over 1500 like-minded clubs and associations working with the RYA to ensure the ongoing success and growth of club and class activity and all forms of boating across the country.

The purposes of Dale Yacht Club remain: 

  • To foster and encourage the sport of yachting and sailing for all, including youth participation

  • To generally facilitate “messing about in boats in a seaman like manner”

  • To cultivate a diverse membership by providing social and other facilities for Members as may, from time to time, be determined.


Dale Bay is one of the most popular areas for water-based recreation and part of the Milford Haven Waterway Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).  The inner part of the bay is designated as a Dead Slow Minimum Wake (DSMW) area and is marked with seasonal buoys.  Beyond the bay eastward is a designated water-ski area stretching to the eastern end of Lindsway Bay which is infrequently used.


Overlooking the bay is Dale Fort Field Centre run by the Field Studies Council, from where students regularly carry out field work at the Gann saltmarsh, and along the shore at West Dale and in Dale Bay.


Commercial watersports centres - CELTIC SEA WATERSPORTS and WINDSWEPT - operate in the Bay offering training and courses on all aspects of sailing, powerboating, windsurfing, paddleboarding, kayaking, canoing and foiling, taking advantage of its sheltered location. Organised boat trips to the Pembrokeshire islands are available as are fishing trips and a number of dive operators.


This beach has a gently sloping concrete slipway, which allows access when the water level is 1.7 metres above chart datum. The slipway is used by DYC as well as the various commercial operators for launching dinghies and canoes. The slip is especially popular with recreational users for launching vessels using a vehicle during peak season.  This can cause congestion in the village due to the one way system and a single track access road. In response to NRW flood warnings for the area, flood gates may be closed at the top of this slipway preventing access or public access may be restricted during major events.


Dale is very popular with divers as it affords easy access to popular dive sites, both inside and outside the Haven.


The village offers the usual amenities of a small rural village. In close proximity to the slipway are toilets, pub, a seasonal café and shop, as well as the facilities of the Club House and Coco's Brasserie.  For more infomraiton about Dale Village visit:


Our committee exists to ensure our members receive the best possible service and experiences.

Our committee is elected annually by our members at the Club Annual General Meeting and serves the Club on a voluntary basis, meeting regularly to discuss and collectively agree on how the Club is run.

For all committee enquires please email -


Maxwell Barber

Mob. 07368 236234

Hon. Treasurer

Terence Francis

Tel. 07795 106364

House & Welfare Officer

Nia Marshall

Tel. 01646 636842

Mob. 07964 687041

Rear Commodore

Howell Davies

Mob. 07368 236234

Race Officer & Dinghy & Tender Park Secretary

Peter Morgan

Tel. 01646 636625

Mob. 07881 581693

Moorings Officer

Fil Marshall

Tel. 01646 636842

Mob. 07881 920475

Hon. Secretary & Membership Secretary

Christine Dawber

Mob. 07806 592650

Committee Members

Chris Cannell

Dan Jones

Father Andrew Johnson

Jonathan Milton

Steve McGrath

Stuart Buswell


The Club relies on the support of a number of volunteers including ...

Moorings Secretary

Rosemary Royle

Junior Sailing

Rhys Broomhall

John Reynolds

Club Events

John & Rosemary Mecklenburg

Gail Smith

Rob Stamp

Safety Craft Manager

Lyn Jones

Safety Boats

Collette Francis

Steve Gerlach

Marion Scott

Simon Ward

Rob Stamp

If you have time to volunteer for the Club in any way we would be delighted to hear from you.

Please contact us -


Any Safeguarding concerns should be reported to the Club Welfare Officer - Nia Marshall  Mob. 07964 687041

Dale Yacht Club is committed to safeguarding children who take part in its activities from physical, sexual or emotional harm, neglect or bullying.  We recognise that the safety, welfare and needs of the child are paramount and that any child, irrespective of age, disability, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual or gender identity or social status, has a right to protection from discrimination and abuse.  


DYC takes all reasonable steps to ensure that, through safe recruitment, appropriate operating procedures and training, it offers a safe and fun environment to children taking part in its events and activities.

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