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Dale Moorings Officer - Fil Marshall

T. 01646 636842

M. 07881 920475


The moorings in Dale Bay are either private or commercial and are licenced annually by the Milford Haven Port Authority and the Crown Estate.   Dale Yacht Club is the Voluntary Control Body.


There are no temporary moorings. 



Visitors should not pick up any private or commercial  mooring. Only the visitor moorings.


Two licences must be obtained for Private Moorings.

1. Milford Haven Port Authority - Private Licence


A Private Licence allows the licence holder to moor a single, named, recreational vessel within the Milford Haven Waterway.

  • Private Licences incur a fee on first application; subsequent annual renewals do not incur a fee.

  • Private Licences are licensed to a person and their named vessel and is not transferable to another person, for example on the sale of the vessel. 

  • If you have more than one Private Licence in the Milford Haven Waterway then you pay a licence fee each year for each licence (mooring).

  • A change of vessel associated with the licence (mooring) will require relicensing and payment of the appropriate fee.

Private Licence Fees for 2024

- based on Vessel Length Overall (LOA):

< 5.5m (18ft) - £60

> 5.5m to < 7.5m (24.5ft) - £87

> 7.5m to < 12m (39.4ft) - £123

For vessels over 12m (39.4ft) LOA add £10 per metre or part meter.

All prices are inclusive of VAT at 20%.


Two licences must be obtained for Commercial Moorings.

1. Milford Haven Port Authority - Block Licence

A Block Licence is required if:

    a) more than one vessel is to use the mooring, or

    b) the mooring is to be used by a commercial vessel.


  • For Block Licence fees are determined based on the largest vessel that will use the mooring.

  • Block Licences incur a licence fee each year.

Block Licence Fee for 2024

- based on Vessel Length Overall (LOA):

< 15m (49ft) £181.20

Vessels over 15m are not permitted in the

Dale Voluntary Controlled Area.

All prices are inclusive of VAT at 20%.

2. Crown Estate Licence


The cost for the 2024 annual licence from the Crown Estate, for rental of the sea bed, will be £94. This fee applies to all types of moorings and must be paid annually.

Mooring gear is not supplied or maintained by either Dale Voluntary Controlled Body or by Milford Haven Port Authority.   It is the responsibility of the licence holder to lay and maintain their mooring gear (use of a reputable contractor is advised).

To apply, please download and complete an application form.  This will register your interest in obtaining a mooring specifically in the Dale Voluntary Controlled Area.  If a suitable mooring site is available you will be offered a site or you will be placed on the waiting list.  You must not moor your vessel or lay any mooring gear until you pay for and receive your licence.

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